Transforming the Treatment Landscape in Oncology

At Incyte, we are harnessing breakthrough science to deliver medicines that may offer patients new treatment options. For decades, we have leveraged expertise in medicinal chemistry and biology to explore different approaches that evolve how therapies are developed and delivered to patients on their treatment journey.

Despite progress, cancer continues to be a leading cause of death worldwide, impacting millions of people. Given the significant unmet medical need and breadth of cancers, many of which have limited treatment options, we are purposeful in advancing research in areas where we believe we can have the greatest impact.

We take a comprehensive approach to identifying new treatments for patients with cancer, enabling us to explore both single agents and combinations of targeted and immunotherapies from both within and beyond our portfolio. We also collaborate with major universities and other companies to bring additional discovery platforms and therapeutics forward.

Our targeted therapy discovery efforts focus on identifying therapeutic intervention points within interdependent pathways that drive tumor growth, enabling us to leverage cross-program knowledge. Complementary to that is our immunotherapy discovery strategy, which is built on a deep understanding of functional genomics, pharmacodynamics and state-of-the-art bioinformatics. Insights into the nuances of immune surveillance in health and disease are leading us to new opportunities to harness the immune system to fight cancer. Our world-class chemistry and biology groups apply these learnings to develop small molecule, monoclonal antibody and bispecific antibody drug candidates for clinical testing.



Cholangiocarcinoma Europe Website

The Cholangiocarcinoma Europe website helps European healthcare professionals learn more about cholangiocarcinoma (CCA). CCAs are diverse biliary epithelial tumors involving the intrahepatic, perihilar and distal parts of the biliary tree. Each anatomical subtype has distinct epidemiology, molecular characteristics, prognosis and strategy for clinical management.

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